Establishments That Provide The Nations Fish Staple

Food is one of the most basic, yet essential, survival needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. However, aside from the nutritional benefits food brings to our bodies, it is also part of daily pleasures. There is never a dull moment when tasty meals are put on the table and taste buds start to salivate. It brings people together, whether they are having their daily meals or trying out new dishes in a simple or fancy restaurant.

Britain is one of the countries where culinary delights from all over the world can be sampled, without having to take a trip. Naturally, these dishes include the wonders of fish. Not many countries can boast to be a nation that consumes fish and chips as much as the Brits do and that is why it is also a national staple.

So, we would like to take the chance to welcome you to the home of the humble and sometimes exotic world of fish dishes. Here you will find information and details of fish restaurants in London and even fish themed slots to get you supporting your local chip shop even more. Besides that, we also have articles on Michelin star restaurants that offer equal value fish dishes.

Your favourite celebrity chef’s fish-based menus are here to tantalise your buds. Their restaurant settings are designed for a wonderful dining experience. You’ll probably feel inspired to sample fish dishes you never thought existed. The classic fish and chips, along with fish burgers with a twist also get a well-deserved mention.