The Classic Fish Dishes

Fish is known for having the healthy fat Omega-3 which has been scientifically proven to have great benefits on heart disease. The benefits also include lowering of blood pressure. It is no wonder many households in Britain enjoy fish in its many forms. From Scottish salmon to sardines, haddock, cod, fish finger and even the simple nibble of fish sticks, the enjoyment is cultural in nature. These are after-all the fish flavours most people grew up eating and this is how the fish and chips tradition has been kept alive.

Classic Fish and Chips

This is the famous dish that the British are known for. Not only is a staple for Friday night takeaway, but also as a mid-week dish when cooking is not on the menu. This dish often contains white fish but some are venturing into using tuna steaks or salmon. Usually, the fish of choice tends to be cod or haddock. The fish is coated in flour to create a lovely crispy outer layer when deep fried.

Some chippies use smoked fish to give the dish an extra zing, but the chips are always made from fresh potatoes. This way the freshness stays through, especially when you add a bit of salt and vinegar to complement the dish.

Fish Burgers with Capers

Just like their meat counterpart, fish burgers are made in a variety of ways. Children often like the taste of fish fingers, while adults can indulge in a nice juicy burger with capers. The buns can be slathered with tartar sauce or a simple mayo and ketchup mix. Fresh lettuce or rocket leaves are then layered where the fried fish is placed on top. Capers are can be sprinkled on top or mixed in with the sauce. Another addition. which is taking the spotlight, is the use of sliced gherkins for their sweet and sour taste.