Trawler Trash – A Restaurant You Shouldn’t Judge by Its Name

Pass by any busy street in London and you are bound to come across the tempting smells of delicious fish. This aroma will be mixed with various other condiments like frying flour and seasoning. This inviting food fragrance is one that you are likely to experience with greater intensity as you draw near Trawler Trash. This restaurant is based in North London with Highbury and Islington tube being the closest. It offers bistro-style dining to cater for the various classic fast food eating options most Londoners are familiar with.

Try a Different Kind of Fish

Just like the big fishing trawlers from the bygone areas, this restaurant is spacious with a friendly atmosphere. The Trawler Trash can be seen as an awe-inspiring fish restaurant which aims to bring you lesser known fish to your platter. They are immensely detail oriented and ensure that their fish is cooked up to par. Their dishes look like they are fit for royalty and they don’t shy away from making their food look pretty. You can try some smoked mackerel carbonara, grilled sardines, air-dried charred octopus, or their own speciality the trash scampi. You can complement your dishes with some of their enticing beverages and wines.

Be Part of The Culinary Trend

There is no doubt that Trawler Trash is a trailblazer bringing a new, young and fresh vibe to the fish business. With fancy packaging that looks like it was designed to bring swag back to fish you surely may forget you are just ordering fish. Most of the reviews recommend a visit to their stylishly designed restaurant that looks like it draws inspiration from a modern wine cellar and storage house.

Fish truly is something that all Londoners can certainly appreciate. It seems to be built into the fabric of the British food culture, making fish restaurants the go-to place of choice for many, and Trawler Trash is one of those restaurants that honour this culture.